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The 2nd Oil, Gas, and Power Cambodia 2022 is the key industrial event in Cambodia and the only international oil and gas event co-hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. This event will be attended by all major industrial stakeholders in the oil, gas and power industry in Cambodia like Kampuchea Tela, Sokimex, Dara TC, PTT Cambodia, Total Cambodge, Cambodian Natural Gas Corp, etc.

This event provides a golden opportunity for global suppliers of oil, gas and power equipment and services to showcase their products to both existing and new potential buyers. The show also serves as a business matching platform in which potential buyers and sellers are linked to establish business synergy, all in one venue.

Our Past Event Oil and Gas Cambodia 2019

Oil and Gas Cambodia 2019 was well attended by local and international participants.


Watch the video to understand more onthe proceeding of this event.

Why Cambodia

Oil consumption has increased at
an annual rate of
8.3% on average.

Electricity usage has increased at
an annual rate of
18.3% on average.

Oil, coal, and electricity are mainly imported into Cambodia. Between 2010 and 2018, total energy imports climbed from 1,712 to 3,703 KTOE.

With this significant growth rate, Cambodia is open to attract more foreign investors to develop the oil,  gas and power sector. Moreover,  the Cambodian government has identified LNG as the key energy source and with that
in mind, oil and gas companies, especially those specialising  in Engineering and Construction (EPC) and LNG
value chain, will certainly be keen to explore the possible business opportunities.

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